Are You Living The Life You’ve Imagined?

The question is simple to ask, but for many people, much more difficult to answer: Are you living the life you’ve imagined?

Do you know who you are, what you are here to do and what you’re in it for? Do you know what passions and purpose drive you and where you draw your power from? For me and for a very long time the answer was no. It took the physical and emotional trauma of a violent car crash to come to that realization. It is my hope you won’t need to live through something like that for your life to be transformed.

The 10 short questions that follow serve as a self-assessment, a “crash quiz.” I want to use what I’ve learned to help you connect to your personal power, your true self, so you too can live the life you’ve imagined and begin carving a path forward to the next level of yourself, to the life you want at home and at work.

Approach each question with complete honesty and choose responses that most accurately reflect your experience. Based on your results, you will receive a set of personalized feedback, call it a “crash plan” complete with practical, actionable tools to help drive change in your life.

Though this will only take a few minutes, it could have a lifelong impact. Let’s go.

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