“It is not often that I have sat in a room filled with women and felt as if the panelist was speaking words of inspiration directly to me in a private conversation. Being in Carla’s presence and hearing her words at the Women in Communications event was beyond empowering. Carla lit a fire within me that empowered me to believe that anything I desired in life was achievable. The day after hearing her speak, I immediately decided I would no longer feel stuck in my former position. I completely rewrote my resume and sought opportunities that would propel me to the next step in my career. I now work at HBO as Carla’s colleague by day, and am a law student by night. I am still aspiring for more. I saw Carla speak almost three years ago and I am still as motivated by her words now as I was then.”

Alyssa Reid
Business Affairs, HBO

“What a brilliantly delivered experience! Carla took me on a spiritual journey that was so spellbinding, inspiring, and profound that I felt I had gone to church in the middle of the NAMIC conference! It started when I heard her soulful voice singing Nina Simone’s “Feeling Good” from the back of the room and as she made her way up and introduced herself, I knew we were in for a treat. And then she started: 'It was a Tuesday…'”

Yasmine Ndassa, PhD
Sr Director, Business Process Analytics, Comcast Cable

“Carla Moore is an amazing speaker! Never heard anyone like her before. Moore mesmerized the audience and keep us wanting more. She crafts her personal story like she is sitting with old friends—all the while inspiring everyone in her space. Her standout singing entrance into the room was stunning and lingered even as she told her story. She is not one to miss!”

Sandra Rice
SVP, National Recruitment, Emma Bowen Foundation

“Riveting and motivating. Carla’s story touches the soul and beautifully awakens our potential. She empowers us to rise and live fearlessly while supporting and celebrating others.”

Aunree J. Houston
Vice President, Sales, HBO

“Carla Moore is the embodiment of life goals. Her brand is strong and whether I overhear her in the halls at work or on a stage speaking, I feel energized and take away something new that applies to me personally or professionally. Her transparency and inspirational nature evokes a feeling in everyone that meets her!”

Carolyn Girhueya
Account Executive, HBO

“Carla Moore’s NAMIC Ted Talk was noteworthy, inspiring, and thought provoking. Her ability to captivate a room with her wit and life experience was impactful and awesomely refreshing. I was personally affected by her testimony and left with a desire to take a person inventory of my life. As a result of this self-assessment, I have made some immediate changes to move toward my best life.”

Ingrid Hadley
Employee Resource Group Manager, NBCUniversal

“When Carla first shared that she intended to write her story, I rejoiced for the many people I know will be transformed by her story of resilience, self-realization, and empowerment. Carla has a gift; few people can tell their story the way Carla does. With humor, empathy, and a genuine desire to help people reach their true potential, Carla has made it her life’s work to share that hope with others. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Carla as a colleague and friend. Her hunger to live life to the fullest is infectious and permeates her personal and professional relationships. She finds every opportunity to encourage and exhort those around her to live with purpose and to always bring their best professionally and personally. She is a brand ambassador for living life with conviction, humility, and a genuine joy. Carla is the true definition of the servant leader; someone who puts others first and isn’t afraid to take their hand and walk with them to show them the way. In her signature style, Crash! is written in a relatable and understandable manner, but get ready to do some work! Ms. Carla Moore will challenge you to unpack what’s holding you back and make a true commitment to break through!”

Bernadette Aulestia
EVP, Global Distribution, HBO

“Leadership: science or art form? I suppose compelling arguments might be made to support either. And there certainly are powerful individuals to whom one might assign either characterization. And then there are the Carla Moores of this world, who seem to embody some quality of leader-ship for which no one definitional silo seems to be an exact fit. My earliest experiences of Carla occurred when she was involved with the Chicago chapter of the National Association for Multi-ethnicity in Communica-tions, for which I have headed up education and diversity initiatives for over a decade. I recall having thought, “Who is this woman? She’s not a panel expert this evening, yet every word out of her mouth seems to reposition their lofty messages with almost breathtaking clarity.” As our relationship as colleagues and friends has matured, I’ve never ceased to be impressed with her ability to raise the learning temperature of the room, to shift the conversation from platitudes to passionate, engaged, useful meaning. That she has now captured some of this in her first book hardly comes as an ineluctable next-step for a person of her gifts. I’m just glad I wasn’t the person with the unenviable task of editing her words. Must be tantamount to instructing Callas how interpret Puccini.”

James C. Jones
Senior Vice President, Education and Diversity Solutions, NAMIC, Inc.

“Carla has helped develop me into a successful woman, sister, friend, and physician. She has given me constructive feedback in order to thrive as a leader, whether making critical decisions on the hospital floor or setting goals for my next direction in life. She is iron, constantly sharpening others and keeping everyone on point. I know this book can only lead to others’ continuous success and fulfillment. Carla’s impact allows you to see that the wreckage is an opportunity. I am thankful everyday for the roadmap she helped me build while driving through life.”

Dr. Victoria Thomas
University of Chicago, Pritzker School of Medicine Alumna

“I had been through so much in my life and didn’t know how to deal with the trauma I endured as a child. It showed up in all aspects of my life even through adulthood and I didn’t know what my purpose for living was. I didn’t know how to see my way through the darkness. My husband, Telly, had experienced similar challenges in his life and we struggled to communi-cate effectively to meet each other’s needs. I remember sitting on my living room floor praying to God for guidance to help my family overcome that difficult time in our lives. I received a call from Carla and my prayers had been answered. From that day forward, Carla has helped me heal the little girl inside of me to see my true potential. Carla has helped my husband to identify his strengths and weaknesses and has given him the tools needed to live in the moment and not in the past. He is more confident now than he has ever been. Carla’s life coaching has had a tremendous impact on our lives. She has helped us to see that what we have endured in the past does not define our destiny and that we are in control of our lives and we can live the life we imagined. We are so very blessed to have the experience of life coaching sessions with Carla.”

Ashley Outlaw
Coaching Client, Student

“I met Carla while an intern at HBO ... and instantly, I found a mentor, an ally and a voice of reason. Carla’s trajectory, both personal and professional, imbue her with the sixth sense of hearing what you don’t say and knowing what you’re seeking. And I have been the beneficiary of these talents more than once. No matter her schedule, the distance and the time zone, Carla has made time for me whenever I’ve reached out to her and created a safe space for deep discussion. I am forever grateful to her for her wisdom and infectious laugh.”

Nayna Agrawal
Screen and Film Writer

“The time I spent working with Carla was the best education in leadership I could have asked for. Front he flawless example she provides of how to truly live to your core values to the way she can expertly deliver the right dose of tough love, Carla is constantly raising the game of her team. Her sense of self emanates from every word and action, yet her keen eye is quick to recognize the unique talents of those around her and cultivate them to their full potential. Carla is the ultimate leader, not to mention a friend and a mentor; she brings out the best in all of us.”

Val Kaplan Mike
Sr. Product Manager, Hulu

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